Pass the Hot Sauce: A Roswell Podcast

2.13: Disturbing Behavior

March 23, 2021

Laurie Dupree takes Michael and Maria on one wild ride, Liz is showing off her big ole brain again, Alex is a jerk for the first time so far, Amy DeLuca is upset, and everyone is having a wonderful hair day!!! Join hosts LaRena and Aliza with guest host Nomi from Roswellback in discussing Roswell Season Two Episode Thirteen: Disturbing Behavior!!


Find Nomi on Twitter @Roswellback and @9loveletters9, on Instagram @Wewantroswellback, and over on Facebook in the Bring Roswell Back and The Original Roswell Fan Groups Facebook groups! **Seriously, you should follow her for amazing Roswell and B+T content!!!


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